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Why Choose Us?

We're a trusted partner of a number of industry-leading vendors with respected and well-performing affiliate programs. We run those affiliate programs for our partners.

Referral Tracking

We provide robust & trusted tracking of all referred visitors and affiliate commissions they generate.

Payouts & Contests

Let us handle affiliate commission payouts stress-free. We also offer an escrow service for JV contests.

Referred Traffic Analysis

Improve your conversions & revenue by getting behavioral insights about your incoming referral traffic.

Let us handle your software Affiliate Program stress-free

Here at SW Affilates, it's not just that we're from the beatiful Southwest (go Seahawks!).

We also specialize in running robust affiliate programs for software products.
So, if you're running a software (or SaaS) online business, we're the perfect fit for you.

Partners who run their Affiliate Program through us
Affiliates who promote our partners' software products
Referred conversions that we tracked in the past 7 days

Your Affiliate Program — and your affiliates — deserve the best

Make sure your Affiliate Program always runs like a well-oiled machine.

No more hassle. No more complaints about commissions that went missing.

By integrating our solution, you get access to robust tracking of all referral traffic & commissions, automated payouts, behavioral insights, and more.

All of these benefits will make your affiliates happier to promote.

Trusted by over 740 software vendors

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Our pricing is guided by two main principles. We wanted it to be
• extremely simple and transparent, and
• extremely affordable.

Same Deal For Everyone

2% feecapped at max $20 per payout

In exchange for taking care of tracking & payouts, we take a small 2% fee on top of every referred commission. Our fee is capped at a maximum amount of $20 per affiliate payout.

That's a pretty incredible deal, wouldn't you say?

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